What I Do

What I Do

Personal Development

Mental Health Masterclass
This interactive workshop is proving very popular with my clients and we have seen clear evidence that it drives energy and employee engagement post-delivery.

I share my personal story of suffering in silence and we explore the causes, stigma and some of the myths of mental health.
Practical steps are agreed which can be taken back into the workplace with the goal of creating a culture of openness and trust. The masterclass has a duration of two and a half hours and is suitable for numbers of up to 25.

“This session gives everybody much greater understanding of  mental health and at the same time, leaves people energised and inspired to make changes to their own behaviour”

Talk at Conferences
I am happy to share my personal story of over thirty years of ‘suffering in silence’ with much larger numbers at conferences. The content is adapted dependent upon the audience but I remind organisers that mental health issues can impact everybody regardless of seniority or status within a business. At a conference I need a minimum of thirty minutes and a maximum of forty five to deliver my message.

“I know that your goal was to truly connect with just a few people today but I’m positive that you have touched many many more”

Personal Development
Some employers have asked me to work on an individual basis with employees they know or suspect maybe suffering with a mental health issue. This work is carried out in extreme confidence but with the total consent of the employee. The majority of the meetings are offsite but the choice of the location is always the decision of the employee. Employees value hearing a story they can relate to with someone who enjoyed a successful career despite living with a mental health issue.

“Thank you for sharing your personal story with me, your success despite your challenges with anxiety have made me think about things differently”

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