Some good will come from 2020

Some good will come from 2020

Oh what a year…..but some good will come from it!!

Without doubt 2020 has been an exceptionally challenging year and Covid-19 will have impacted every family in the country in some way or another. This virus is officially a pandemic but we are also experiencing a mental health pandemic too. The pressure on our mental resilience is undoubtedly greater on mass than at any stage since the Second World War.

However, I believe that some good will also come out of this time when we reflect back in years to come:

  • Many of us have rediscovered the importance of spending more time with our loved ones and going on regular walks with the family. I am confident that when we get to the other side of this (and we will!) a lot of us will continue to do these types of activities that are so good for our overall wellbeing
  • Many senior leaders are discovering the value to their businesses of adopting a more compassionate style of leadership. This will improve the employee experience for so many with line managers being increasingly trained on the value of kindness in the workplace. So I confidently predict more of us will be happy at work and experience an overall kinder culture.
  • More people than ever are feeling that it really is okay not to be okay and sharing their own vulnerabilities. This is giving more people ‘permission’ to talk more openly about their own mental health which can only be a good thing. Only when everyone finally feels safe to talk about their true mental wellbeing will we eradicate stigma and the challenges of this year has accelerated momentum.

If I had a wish for 2021 it would be that we would all learn to be kinder to ourselves and discover the true value of self-compassion. We are all so hard on ourselves and tend to better at caring for others than looking after our own wellbeing. Well we are the most important to love and as they say on every flight should all be putting our own ‘oxygen mask’ on first every day. The more we love ourselves the more we can love and support our family and friends during these challenging times.

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