Breaking the Silence in 2017

Breaking the Silence in 2017

I hope that everyone managed to have a good Christmas and has memories that they will treasure forever. My memories in years to come of this Christmas will be of the naughty words my Mother used playing the game ‘Cards against Humanity’. We were laughing so much it was literally hurting. My other memory will be of having no laptop for the last six days. I rushed into McDonalds the day before Christmas Eve to send an urgent email and the experience has cost me over £1,000. Some young lad lost control of his football, it hit my coffee and literally poured a full cup into my keyboard. He did get very upset as did his Mum but I told them not to worry about it. To calm myself down I quickly reminded myself that a lot worse things happen and I needed a new laptop anyway. Thank you to all the people who suggested that McDonalds should have given me a free Mac!

I have always been a great believer in setting myself goals for the year ahead. You will not be surprised to read that one of my real goals for 2017 is to establish my new business Breaking the Silence. I naturally want it to provide me with an income but if I was wealthy enough I would still be on a crusade to reduce the stigma around mental health in the work place. I also want to inspire people who suffer in silence to have the confidence to speak to somebody about how they are truly feeling.

A good friend last night sent me a very sad posting from a father whose son had taken his own life. It reminded me how we read so much about cancer, car accidents, drugs, gun and knife crime but most young people (particularly men) lose their lives through a mental illness that leads to suicide, more than any of the above. This is the posting from his father Wayne Ashe

Recently, my son and business partner, past away. What most of you don’t know is he tragically decided to take his own life. I will never know why. What I would like to share with every parent is a harsh fact. Our young sons are more likely to kill themselves than they are to die of cancer, accidents, drugs, gun or knife crime. Our sons are dying! My son is gone! I will be setting up various social media sites and a website to help young men and women communicate in forums that old farts like me just don’t get. It will be called “19”. You can help us by donating your expertise or by donating things or services for me to auction. Help if you can


It makes me realise more than ever how people can look perfectly happy to their loved ones but be hiding very dark feelings. It makes me want to more than ever, ensure that the young people in my life are happy inside and out. It makes me more than ever want to keep ‘Breaking the Silence’ in 2017.

Happy New Year to all

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